Elmo Rietschle Brand Offers a variety of excellent performance products, including the lateral flow fan, centrifugal fan, dry running and lubrication type rotary vane vacuum pumps and compressors, screw vacuum pump and liquid ring type, rotating impeller type and claw type vacuum pumps and compressors.

1903 First Elmo liquid ring vacuum pump and first vacuum cleaner using an Elmo rietschle vacuum pump
1950 Werner Rietschle founds Werie; launch of oil-lubricated rotary vane
1960 Launch of the dry-running rotary vane by Rietschle and construction of the aluminium foundry
1960 First side channel blower by Elmo
1998 Rietschle claw pumps and compressors are launched
2000 Elmo spins off from Siemens as elmo vacuum technology
2002 Elmo merges with Nash to form nash_elmo
2002 Rietschle is acquired by Thomas Industries to form Rietschle Thomas
2005/6 Gardner Denver acquires nash_elmo and Rietschle Thomas