CNC lathe machining is a method of machining parts on a machine.It is characterized by high precision and high efficiency. This turning services originated from of aviation products.
We have many CNC lathes and CNC milling machines provide cnc turning services for you.
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Here are some our cnc lathe machining’s parts:

CNC turning services

CNC turning services introduce:

We can process many kinds of materials.
For example: stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum, copper, POM,UHWM and so on.It can be made into a circle or a square.

Composition of CNC lathe:

The main machine, he is the subject of CNC machine tools, including machine body, column, spindle, feed mechanism and other mechanical parts.
It is a machine part used to complete various cutting operations.
Numerical control device, is the core of numerical control machine tools, including hardware (printed circuit board, CRT display, key box, paper tape reader, etc.) and the corresponding software, used for the input of digital parts program, and complete the input information storage, data transformation, interpolation calculation and achieve a variety of control functions.
Drive device, it is the CNC machine tool actuator drive components, including the spindle drive unit, feed unit, spindle motor and feed motor.
Under the control of the numerical control device, he realizes the spindle and feed drive through the electrical or electro-hydraulic servo system.
When several feed linkage, can complete the localization, the straight line, the plane curve and the spatial curve processing.
Auxiliary device, index control machine tool some necessary parts, to ensure the operation of CNC machine tools, such as cooling, chip removal, lubrication, lighting, monitoring.
It includes hydraulic and pneumatic devices, chip removal device, exchange table, CNC turntable and CNC dividing head, but also includes tools and monitoring and testing equipment.
Programming and other ancillary equipment, can be used outside the machine for parts programming, storage, etc.

CNC Lathe Machining operational process:

CNC machining programming methods have manual programming and automatic programming.
Manual programming: All the content of the program is manually programmed according to the numerical control system specified instruction format.
Automatic programming: Computer programming, which can be divided into automatic programming methods based on language and painting.
However, no matter what kind of automatic programming method is adopted. Corresponding matching hardware and software are required.
Therefore, the realization of CNC lathe processing, programming is the key. But programming alone is not enough. CNC machining also includes a series of preparatory work that must be done before programming. Post-programming cleanup. Generally speaking, CNC machining process mainly includes the following contents:

(1) Select and determine the CNC machining parts;
(2)The part drawings for CNC machining process analysis;
(3)Technological design of nc machining is made by ourselves;
(4)Mathematical processing of parts drawings;
(5)Set processing program list;
(6)In accordance with the procedure single production control media;
(7)Calibration and modification of lilutide program;
(8)Therefore the first try processing and on-site problem processing;
(9)CNC machining process files and the filing of the stereotypes.