Following introduction screw pump and gear pump advantages and disadvantages:



Advantages reliable structure, stable operation, low cost, and able to transport non-corrosive oil and other viscous media;

The pump itself with a safety valve, transmission medium pressure head high.

compact structure, basically no pulsation of flow and pressure, high pressure, stable operation, low vibration and noise compared with kcb gear pump;

Long life, high efficiency, wide range of applicable liquid type and viscosity.

Disadvantages it is not suitable for conveying liquid containing solid particles and liquid with high volatility and low flash point;

The gear inside the pump is easy to wear out during long-term operation.

 high manufacturing requirements, sensitive to changes in viscosity, and small medium flow rate.

Gear pumps have a tendency to replace plunger pumps

Gear pumps have a tendency to replace plunger oil transfer pumps.
Due to the structure limitation of the fixed displacement, it is generally believed that gear pump can only be used as a constant flow hydraulic source.
However, the attachment threaded coupling combination valve scheme is effective in improving its function, reducing system cost and improving system reliability, so the performance of the gear pump can be close to the expensive and complex plunger pump.
For example, a control valve is installed directly on the pump, eliminating the line between the pump and direction, thus controlling the cost.
Fewer pipe fittings and fittings can reduce leakage and thus improve working reliability.
And the pump itself installed valve can reduce the loop pressure, improve its performance.
The following are some of the circuits that improve the basic functions of the gear pump, some of which are proven and feasible in practice, and some of which are innovative research.