Gear pumps is widely used in asphalt mixing plants. The gear pump used in asphalt mixing plant is usually called asphalt pump, asphalt heat pump, asphalt spray pump or asphalt pump for road station. Botou Kemai Pump introduces you in detail the specific application of gear pump in asphalt mixing plant.

Gear pump for asphalt mixing plants

Gear pump for asphalt mixing plants

I: asphalt mixing station is what asphalt mixing plant can produce asphalt mixture, modified asphalt mixture, colored asphalt mixture, fully meet the needs of building highways, grade roads, municipal roads, airports, ports, etc.

II: the composition of asphalt mixing equipment Asphalt mixing equipment mainly consists of batching system, drying system, combustion system, hot material lifting, vibrating screen, hot material storage bin, weighing and stirring system, asphalt supply system, powder supply system, dust removal system, The finished product silo and control system are composed of parts.

III: the application of the gear pump is mainly used in the combustion system and asphalt supply and delivery system. The asphalt pump used in the combustion system is also called a burner pump, an atomizing pump or a booster pump. The main feature is that the output pressure is large, so that the output medium is sprayed in a mist. In addition to being applied to the jet mixing station for jet combustion, it can also be used as a jet combustion pump for heavy oil, residual oil, etc., and is applied to other related industries. The asphalt pump used in the supply and delivery system generally has a heat preservation function, and is heated by a heat-insulating oil, hot water, steam, etc. through the heat insulation jacket of the asphalt pump itself to reduce the viscosity of the medium, thereby reducing the conveying resistance of the asphalt pump.

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