How to select gear pump?

1. Select the type and performance of gear pump to meet the requirements of flow rate, head, pressure, temperature, cavitation flow rate and suction process parameters of the device.

2. Gear pump must meet the requirements of medium characteristics.
Of transporting flammable, explosive or toxic or valuable medium gear pump, reliable for gear pump shaft seal or no leakage of pump, such as magnetic drive pump, diaphragm pump, shielding pump forhandling corrosive mediums for gear pump, convection components with corrosion resistance materials, such as AFB stainless steel corrosion resistant gear pump, CQF engineering plastic magnetic drive pump.

For the gear pump containing solid particle medium, wear resistant material is required for the convection part, and clean liquid is used for the shaft seal when necessary.
KCB 300 gear pump SS304 SS316

3. High mechanical reliability, low noise and low vibration of gear pump.

4. The total cost of equipment, operation, maintenance and management fees should be considered comprehensively in the economy of gear pumps.

5. Therefore, centrifugal pump should be used as much as possible except for the following situations
When medium viscosity is large (greater than 650~1000mm2/s), Gear type internal high viscosity pump or reciprocating pump (gear pump, screw pump) medium can be considered to contain 75% gas, while the flow rate is small and the viscosity is less than 37.4mm2/s.
For frequent startup or inconvenient irrigation, self-priming pumps should be selected, such as self-priming centrifugal pumps, self-priming vortex pumps, pneumatic (electric) diaphragm pumps.