High Viscosity Pumps

Viscosity:less than 100000cst
Liquid:molasses, glue, asphalt, oil etc
Material:Cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel(SS304 SS316 SS316L)
Drive:Gearmotor or belt pulley

Product Description

High Viscosity Pumps Features advantages

1) Working characteristics of the internal gear pump are non-pulsating conveying. The medium in the process of operation can meet the demand of stable conveying with low vibration and low noise.
2) strong self-absorption.
3) the inner and outer rotors(gears) operate in the same direction, reducing wear coefficient and extending service life.
4)Pump body with heating jacke.

High Viscosity Pumps For Transfer Molasses Glue Asphalt Oil

High Viscosity Pumps For Transfer Molasses Glue Asphalt Oil

High Viscosity Pumps Application industry:

Petrochemicals: petroleum, additives, polymers, oils, waxes, bitumen, rosin, fibers, viscose, ethanol, starch, liquid ammonia, waxes, glues, detergents, oils, emulsions, resins, shampoos, silicone oils, chemical fluids, high viscosity fluids
Paint coating: ink, ink, dye, paint, solvent, ink, rubber solution, adhesive, latex, water-based paint, solvent paint, solvent, magnetic paint, fanlishui, insulation fanlishui, emulsion
Plastic polyester, polyester, epoxy resin, curing agent, isocyanate, moderator, resin, surface active agent, glue, oil, resin, polymer solvents, surfactants, synthetic resin, adhesive, paste, ink, latex, plastics, more than three benzene chloride resin, acrylic resin, unsaturated polyester resin, alkyd resin, phenol resin and melamine resin, polyurethane, polystyrene, AS resin, ABS resin, epoxy resin, vinyl acetate, artificial leather, the polymer solvent
Pulp and paper: glue, adhesive, black liquor, caustic soda, glue, paint, fiber
Daily chemical industry: sulfonic acid, alkyl benzene, fatty alcohol, face cream, essence, shampoo, detergent, shaving cream, face cream, shampoo, soap
Food industry: vegetable oil, lecithin, syrup, chocolate, yeast, honey, glycerin, fragrance, cheese, butter, spices, oils, glucose, jam, wine, animal and plant oil, cooking oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, corn oil, bran oil, vitamin oil, lard, shea butter, butter, margarine, chocolate, jelly, sausages, curry paste, honey, syrup, ice cream, sugar, meat, pet food, honey, seasoning, dairy products
Chemical fiber industry: viscose, caustic soda, dye
Complete set of equipment: polyester equipment, chocolate equipment, oil circulation, printing machinery, asphalt machinery, asphalt truck