Becker T SERIES Combined Pumps


Product Description

BECKER T Series Combined Pumps
100% Oil-less Combined Vacuum and Pressure Pumps

Delivering plenty of blast air and suction, our combined blast/dual vacuum pumps are designed with convenience and minimum maintenance in mind.

Regulating valves, provided as standard equipment, and filters are on the same side of the pump for easy access, while checking or changing vanes is a simple operation requiring only a few minutes of time.

Our oil-less combined blast/dual vacuum pumps are rugged and durable.

Other features include:A built-in aftercooler to help minimize static electricity in the discharge air Built-in, large inlet filters, thus ensuring clean inlet air, resulting in longer pump life Cool, quiet, efficient operation

T SERIES Combined Pumps data:

Model CFM
Open Flow
Max. Vac. Max. Pressure HP/kW
T 4.16 DV 11 18 in.Hg 9 PSIG 0.9 / 0.7
T 4.25 DSK 18 18 in.Hg 9 PSIG 1.7 / 1.3
T 4.40 DSK 28 18 in.Hg 9 PSIG 3 / 2.2