Belt Pulley Gear Pump BP Model


Product Description

Belt pulley gear pump has the advantages of compact construction, light weight, easy operation and maintenance.
1. BP Belt Pulley Gear oil Pump a kind of high effecient and energy-saving products. It is drvien by belt pulley.
2. The installation and usage is much more convenient, can widely use in outdoor and compound with other machine.
3. By adopting belt pulley drive, the speed of pump is adjustable. It could be used for high viscosity medium.
4. If made of stainless steel pump also could transfer chemical liquid, and the one with bronze gear is designed for low flash point oil, such as gasoline Specifications.
5. To the differect clients’ demand, we design it into two material: C type and B type.
C type is made of cast iron, using to transit water, kerosene, white oil, heacy oil and machine oil etc.
B type is adopt copper gear, using to pump sea water, brine, weak acid and other chemistry liquid

Belt Pulley Gear Pump Performance Data:

Model Capacity






Shaft Power


 Motor Powwer


 BP-1/2-C(B)  16  0.2-0.4  500  0.22  0.37
 BP-3/4-C(B)  39  0.2-0.4  500  0.37  0.55
 BP-1-C(B)  56  0.2-0.4  500  0.75  1.1
 BP-11/4-C(B)  66  0.2-0.4  500  0.9  1.5
 BP-11/2-C(B)  100  0.2-0.4  450  1.7  2.2
 BP-2-C(B)  160  0.2-0.4  450  2.6  3
 BP-3-C(B)  320  0.2-0.4  450  3.7  4