2CY Gear Pump

Outlet pressure:0.6~2.5MPA
Flow range1.08~18M3/H
Pump material: cast iron, stainless steel
Applicable temperature: less than 120 degrees.


Product Description

2CY Gear pump mainly composed of: left and right pump covers, pump bodies, main and passive gear shafts, bushings, oil seals and other components.

2CY gear pump use and install

1. Unit should be installed on a horizontal cement foundation and fixed with anchor bolts.
2. Right shaft coupling should be coaxial. After the installation is completed, the shaft coupling can be smoothly operated without negative pressure.
3, Pump is not suitable for conveying dirty oil, so the filter should be set at the end of the inlet.
4. There is no safety valve in the pump. It is recommended to install a safety valve in the oil discharge pipeline to ensure the safe operation of the system.
5. Installation height of the pump shall not exceed the allowable suction height.
6, Pump steering regulations: From the pump to the motor, the direction of rotation is counterclockwise.

2CY gear pump application range

1. It can be used as a transmission and booster pump in the oil transportation system;
2. It can be used as a lubricating oil pumps in all industrial fields;
3. It can be used as fuel pump for conveying, pressurizing and spraying in fuel system;
4. 2CY pump can be used as a hydraulic pump for providing hydraulic power in a hydraulic transmission system;

2CY gear pump flow and head sheet

Model Flow
m3/h L/min KW Model
2CY-1.08/2.5 1.08 18 1420 2.5 2.2 Y100L1-4
2CY-2.1/2.5 2.1 35 1420 2.5 3 Y100L2-4
2CY-3/2.5 3 50 1440 2.5 4 Y112M-4
2CY-4.2/2.5 4.2 70 1440 2.5 5.5 Y132S-4
2CY-7.5/2.5 7.5 125 1440 2.5 7.5 Y132M-4
2CY-12/2.5 12 200 1460 2.5 15 Y160L-4